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With over 22 years of experience in IT we know how software developement process really works. With international experience, we are the right partner to take care of your crucial products.

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T Komp is a firm with a strong background in creating and managing software. We are able to manage every step of your product's lifecycle and want to be responsible for its success!
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“Because of RevDeBug experience I believe T Komp is probably one of the few companies in the world who could successfully take over development of Redgate's .NET tools.”

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Software maintenance and development

Software development is rarely a finite process. Over time, the importance of product maintenance is further noticeable. In each and every application’s life it is essential to not only strive at satisfying the market demands, but also it is crucial to gather users' feedback and commit to continuously adapt the software according to their needs. Even if the product in mind is a legacy system used internally by your company, aforementioned challenges should propel its growth and increase its significance for the users.

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At T Komp we have over 22–years of experience in developing our own products and services for more than 200 clients in Poland and abroad. Along the way we gained the knowledge required to work on even the most complex projects. We know all the ins and outs of software development and using effective business strategies to our advantage. We strongly believe in the power of partnership and collaboration and we are confident that we will help your company accomplish its objectives quicker and at competitive rates.

Our most successful products include NND Integrum (software assisting in electronic document workflow) and RevDeBug (reverse–debugging Visual Studio extension for .NET Developers). Recently we started a collaboration with Redgate to bring new features to their .NET Tools (ANTS Performance Profiler, ANTS Memory Profiler, .NET Reflector and SmartAssembly), as well as Oracle Tools (Schema Compare for Oracle, Source Control for Oracle and Data Compare for Oracle).

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Document Management Solutions

At T Komp, we believe electronic document workflow should be easy, yet powerful! We created NND Integrum software in order to speed up internal document management processes. The system can be accessed by intraweb or the Internet, therefore there is no need to install any additional software on user's machine. Advanced user management helps protect important data using detailed permission matrix, while friendly interface ensures ease of use and user satisfaction.

We develop quality management systems conforming to international standards of ISO.


NND 9000

Helps you manage and supervise workflow of organization’s internal documents and records.


NND Claims

Supervises complaints and risks, while allowing you to take corrective and preventive actions.


NND Dynamic

Can be used to make comprehensive forms that simplify frequent tasks — such as requesting a holiday.

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Tools for .NET developers

Well designed and bug–free systems are the foundation of every successful business. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to create a perfect application, working without issues in every possible environment. Sooner or later a bug will see the light of day, possibly making it difficult or not possible to use the software. At T Komp we created a solution for such issues which makes it possible to track bugs in a mater of seconds. We called it RevDeBug. Save your developers' time and have them create more value than just bug fixing. RevDeBug allows you to record a detailed application's state at runtime to know how the error happened.

We made it possible to replay bugs in seconds, instead of reproducing them.
Go back in time
Find the root cause faster
Go back in time
RevDeBug records execution of each line of code. You don’t need to constantly restart your debugging session.
Record history
Replay bugs later
Record history
RevDeBug records the history of each variable’s value change. You can instantly jump to a place where it was set or used!
See all exceptions
Handled or unhandled
See all exceptions
RevDeBug traces all handled and unhandled exceptions thrown by your application and visualizes them on the graph.
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